The Real DC News

March 23, 2010

You though the health care bill was the big news, didn’t you? Clearly, you haven’t been paying enough attention to what’s really behind Obama’s speeches…



December 14, 2009

A Peep store has opened outside of Washington, DC. Now, I know many people find these little marshmallows absolutely disgusting, but my father and aunt used to feed them to me when I was very little and, unfortunately for me, the taste for them stuck with me. I like mine just a bit stale, but I especially like the thought of a 42 inch tall Peep plushie.


Uh-huh. This is *exactly* what high school was like.

July 25, 2008

I went to prep school in DC.  I will admit it.  Even here – embarrassing as that is.  But let me just say for a moment exactly what my high school was not like.  

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