Vintage Find of the Week

August 19, 2008

I am obsessed with antique jewelery.  No, really obsessed.  I daily wear a ring from the 1920s, a family ring that was my grandmother’s as a young teenager, and my pride a joy: a ring from the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century.  It’s a Regard ring (the stones make up the anagram – I love sentimental jewelry) that I scoured the earth for.  Most Regard rings one can find these days are from the late Victorian times when they became very popular and were mass produced with paste-stones.  So I was very happy when I came across my very early and very unique Regard ring (still on the lookout for a good Dearest ring, though).

And that’s why I like antique jewelry – it is unique.  Everyone may have a piece by Tiffany’s or some other big-named jeweler, but how many people bother to raid their grandmother’s jewelry box for striking pieces?
I constantly am on the lookout for new shiny things to add to my jewelry box and have decided to take up a collection for this piece.  Who doesn’t love a striking, geometric art deco diamond and platinum bracelet?  So send your donations my way so that I can be just a bit more shiny.