Is that you, Scooby Doo?

February 23, 2010

I can’t take credit for this one – my boyfriend found this article on the Guardian website and has dubbed the dog Scooby Doo. What else would you name a 7 foot 3 Great Dane? Argos? Thor? Gargantuan, calling him Gar for short? I’m out of ideas.



Sometimes, sharing is hard

September 10, 2008

When I think about what to post on this site, I spend a lot of time worrying about image.  Because, while you might think that posting a link doesn’t say absolutley everything about me, laying me out to public scrutiny and judgement, you would be wrong.  It says so right there in our manifesto.  And we are never wrong.

But the thing is, the time has come for me to expose myself.  For me to step out from behind my irritatingly high-handed attempt at cultural snobbery (like our pseudo-ironic celebration of pop-culture) and admit that there is nothing ironic.  I just have terrible, terrible taste.  And perhaps the worst is my addiction, my total, unstoppable dependence on this site to waste my time.  Please, don’t judge.  Or at least do so privately.

Kawaii or Creepers?

August 27, 2008

Um, yeah…That’s a Pomeranian in a kimono.  I mean, to each his own, I guess. had an interesting post on all the new accessories one can now purchase for pooches in Japan.  Jezebel picked up on the story and elaborated.  I’m all for dogs.  I love dogs.  I cannot wait to get my own place that’s large enough for me to get my own dog/reclaim my dog from my parents.  But if I ever dress my dog up in a kimono (I mean, aside from the fact that I can never see myself owning a small dog and hence the kimono would have to be large enough for a small child anyway…), will someone please stage an intervention?  Though I’d totally feed my dog dog-cookies.

The more I look at this picture, the scarier it gets.  I think it’s smiling at me one second and then trying to hypnotize me the next.  Or maybe it’s just pleading because it’s poor little front legs look so uncomfortable…