A Mean, Green, Earth-Saving Machine

August 1, 2008

Spending time around the super-green can have strange effects on you.  Not only in terms of the amount of time it takes you to throw something out, or the way you spend the next twenty minutes wondering if, really and truly, that was the right bin to throw something in.  It can also infiltrate your dreams.  

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Morbid but awesome!

July 29, 2008

I long ago decided I wanted to donate my body to science.  Hey, I’m dead, who cares if med students are cutting me up?

However, if I at some point change my mind, I want one of these. They’re environmentally friendly and FUN!  If I’m being buried abroad, I’d really like the Stars & Stripes one.  So some corner of a foreign field is forever totally, awesomely American.  I also quite like the box of wine.  I mean, I expect anyone at my actual funeral to be three sheets to the wind and laughing hysterically about all the good times anyway.  If they’re not, they’re not okay with that, they’re not allowed at the site.  Just sayin’.