Ladies and Gentlemen: Good Journalism

March 24, 2010

And no.  Not my journalism.  Apologies for the unnaturally long post.

There’s been a fad in the last couple decades for following up on famous snaps.  National Geographic went on a mission to find the Afghan Girl with the haunting eyes, and lord knows I lost a lot of days in college to things like “Where are they now: Ferris Bueller Special!”

You’ve probably seen this picture before – in a newspaper story about what’s wrong with the British class system, your European History textbook, or someone’s blog.

The Guardian undertook a follow up.  But this time, rather than just indulging in nostalgia, a reporter managed to actually take a single image, and use it to break down our cultural assumptions about class and complicate the picture, rather than give a pithy sum up.

I definitely usually stick to the brief of putting nothing that will take you more than about 2 minutes, and two brain cells, to consume up on this blog.  But if you want to see why I still think journalists, and good journalism, are the heart of a functioning society, take some time to read a really good piece.

Or, if that’s all a bit much: take a moment to consider the absurdity of Public School uniforms and then get caught off guard thinking suddenly and inexplicably about penguins, and then go find that really cute clip from Happy Feet of a penguin learning to dance, and then start considering what, really, is the cutest clip from any Pixar movie ever ever.  And then, obviously, because it’s the only answer, settle on this one.  No contest.  And then spend the rest of the day looking at rescue dogs.  It’s probably better for you.

Except you should probably know that its totally embarrassing to dance along with the penguin in your library chair.  I do.  Now.

– Willa

Is that you, Scooby Doo?

February 23, 2010

I can’t take credit for this one – my boyfriend found this article on the Guardian website and has dubbed the dog Scooby Doo. What else would you name a 7 foot 3 Great Dane? Argos? Thor? Gargantuan, calling him Gar for short? I’m out of ideas.



The Science of the Artful Ramble

July 17, 2008

It’s got some cookie dough in it, and some crack”
Peter Robinson, Guardian Unlimited Blog, on future ice cream flavors for Ben and Jerry’s

I just want to take a moment to pay homage to something that I have been talking about, more or less on a loop, for about two years now.

The Guardian.

Now, I know, it’s just a newspaper. I even know that other newspapers have a sense of humor (though, I’ll ask you, what other newspapers have Lucy Mangan?) but very few newspapers in Britain, and fewer still in the US, have as full-fledged a grasp of the importance of really well written fluff. And while this is only one of the many features of the paper that I will end up posting about here, it seems to fit the mood of mindless summer I’m in today.

With that in mind, a brief tour of my favorites:

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