Kawaii or Creepers?

August 27, 2008



Um, yeah…That’s a Pomeranian in a kimono.  I mean, to each his own, I guess.  TokyoTimes.org had an interesting post on all the new accessories one can now purchase for pooches in Japan.  Jezebel picked up on the story and elaborated.  I’m all for dogs.  I love dogs.  I cannot wait to get my own place that’s large enough for me to get my own dog/reclaim my dog from my parents.  But if I ever dress my dog up in a kimono (I mean, aside from the fact that I can never see myself owning a small dog and hence the kimono would have to be large enough for a small child anyway…), will someone please stage an intervention?  Though I’d totally feed my dog dog-cookies.

The more I look at this picture, the scarier it gets.  I think it’s smiling at me one second and then trying to hypnotize me the next.  Or maybe it’s just pleading because it’s poor little front legs look so uncomfortable…

“If you try to ground me I will put you both in a home right now!”

August 18, 2008

Few things give me better reason to move back to the States than the fact that VH1 doesn’t allow foreign IP addresses to access their videos and the Cho Show is about to start on said channel.  I love Margaret Cho.  I find her beautiful and hilarious and pretty damn inspirational.  I want to meet her just so I can say, “you go girl!”.  So, I was very excited when Jezebel posted the supertrailer for the show so I could get some of my Cho fix.

I’m packing my bags and moving back Stateside!  I can’t wait to see more of Mr. & Mrs. Cho – they’re too adorable!

What it feels like for a girl

July 31, 2008

The girls over at Jezebel are pretty fabulous.  I might be a bit in love with all of them.  But at the moment I am especially in love with Tracie (aka “Slut Machine”) for dolling up her friend Gavin and then making him walk around NYC in high heels.  The best part may be Gavin’s Popeye-like arm swings to keep himself upright while trying to navigate the sidewalk in 4 inch heels.  Take a look here.  There’s a part 2 as well that you shouldn’t miss.  I’d also suggest clicking the links for “Making it with Makeup” to watch Tracie make Gavin up with both day and night looks.  Gavin takes the feeling of eyeliner on his inner lids like a man…kind of.