December 16, 2009

I try not to post too often about art on this blog since that’s what my other blog is for.  But this proposed inflatable bubble for the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden is really just to cool to not tell everyone about.  The Hirshhorn’s building has always been a bit “blah” (I avoided it for most of my undergrad years in DC because I had a really ugly example of 1970s architecture that I was forced to see every day – I didn’t need to see more of it on my days off), so the bubble idea would totally spruce it up.  Also, it’s an absolutely brilliant plan since it’s not a permanent addition, and therefore doesn’t need the approval of everyone and their mother at the Smithsonian, but rather just the approval of the Hirshhorn’s board.  Genius.


“Best and wurst” of Berlin

December 15, 2009

Oooh!  Kitschy museums and Germany!  Two things I can get behind.  This article is also making me really crave a currywurst right now…


History Nerds Unite

August 5, 2008

OMG! I’m so excited I’m about to piss my pants. No, really. I’ve missed this museum so much! I wonder if the turn of the century ice cream parlor is still going to be there…god, I am such a nerd.

Things we would go to this week, if we lived in…

August 4, 2008


The Honor of Your Company Is Requested: President Lincoln’s Inaugural Ball” Exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Lincoln’s second inaugural ball was held in the building that now houses the museum. Cool. What? We’re American history dorks.


Anyone who knows anything about State Fairs (and I like to think I can count myself in that category) knows that no one takes them more seriously than the Lake States. In fact, depending how early in the morning I can get up, and how fast I can drive across Iowa, I should hopefully make it in time to live-blog the last day of Minnesota’s legendary fair. But if you can’t wait to virtually eat cheese curds with me, then get in line and get your own at Minnesota’s strongest competitor, Wisconsin. If you can’t decide what day to get out there, I would recommend Thursday, because I’m honestly considering buying a plane ticket just so I don’t have to miss this.


Go to the BMW Museum and check out the temporary exhibit on the BMW concept cars. There are seven. All concept cars. So hot.

Memento Mori: Skeletons in London

July 23, 2008

No, no, the Rolling Stones aren’t doing a show in London. But the Museum of London is lending some of its skeletons to the Wellcome Trust for a nice, macabre display.

The Museum of London has excavated and studied 17,000 skeletons over the past 30 years. Let me write that again in case it didn’t sink in. Over the past 30 years, the Museum of London has excavated and studied 17,000 skeletons spanning sixteen centuries. That’s a whole lot of bones from a whole lot of time.

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