The Paul Krugman Song

February 22, 2010

Guys, it’s no secret. I adore Paul Krugman. I have the biggest crush on him. Every time I’m on the fence or unclear about some major US issue (generally economic, of course), I then see that Paul Krugman has written his weekly NYTimes op-ed about it, and suddenly everything makes perfect sense to me. If I’d gone to Princeton (like one of our other esteemed Taste Testers), I would have sacrificed my beloved English degree for an Economics one just to spend more time with Mr. Krugman. I feel lost and forlorn when he takes a week off and doesn’t write his NYTimes op-ed (okay, I really just read Gail Collins’ twice).

Today, The New Yorker brought sunshine to my email inbox and my gray Parisian life when it made this week’s feature article all about Paul Krugman. I thought I could die happy. And then I read the article and discovered that someone else out there loves the articulate economist as much as I do, possibly even more. After all, he wrote a song about our hero, and I’m just writing a blog post… (video after the cut)

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Slate’s Plates

December 11, 2009

Upon hearing that Rolling Stone is opening a restaurant and nightclub in LA, Slate reinvents magazines as restaurants.  The results are amusing, to say the least.  My favorite?  The New Yorker Cafe.  Because I would enjoy joining “Adam Gopnik for a four-hour conversation with the chef”.  But then, I’m just a bit pretentious, aren’t I?