Bad Pop Wednesday

March 3, 2010

Happy humpday, world.  Today I present some bad Japanese pop: Gackt singing U+K with gigantic kawaii cats.  Interestingly enough, in Japan, cats say ‘nyaa’ instead of ‘meow’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Gackt.  I love Gackt a little too much sometimes.  And he’s an amazing musician and performer.  And the song U+K is a lovely tribute to another musician who died much too young.  But every time the damn guys in cat suits come out on stage during one of Gackt’s concerts, I want to either kill someone or hug everyone.  Either way, I would be laughing hysterically while doing it.

Then again, if I had this kind of star power, I probably would also use it to make an entire stadium say “meow” after me, too.  Nyaa nyaa, bitches.


Bad Pop Wednesdays

August 27, 2008

It’s a well known fact that I have hundreds of bad Japanese pop songs in my music library to compliment other thousands of types of bad pop songs residing there. One of the best things about Jpop tends to be the ridiculous videos. And thus, I share one with you today to get you past humpday.

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Bad Pop Wednesday

July 30, 2008

To get you past hump day, an 80s classic: Shy Boy by Bananarama.  Amazing.

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