A Fine Taste Advent: Day 22

December 22, 2009

Watching the Muppet’s Christmas Carol in a sort of obsessive fashion, one could live their whole life without knowing that the Muppet’s Family Christmas Special even existed.  And while we love the Muppet’s Christmas Carol, it would be a damn shame to live life without its lesser known, Sesame- and Fraggle-enhanced cousin.  Because of this.  Video after the jump.

– The Taste Testers

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Happy Weekend! Now here’s what to do with it

December 11, 2009

As returning readers may know, your editors here at the Fine Taste Emporium, exhausted from a long week of nothing, usually take the weekend off to get some napping done. But just because we’re curled up in bed recovering, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, we want you to have all the fun for us. It’s just so much less strenuous that way.

New York

SantaCon: Don some red velvet and get insensibly drunk in the name of charity. Nothing wrong with that. Likelihood that it will be a bunch of intolerable assholes, given their website? High. Likelihood that, if drinking at 11am in a white faux-fur collar, you are yourself an intolerable asshole, and thus don’t care? Also pretty high.

Sesame Street: A Celebration!: BAM Rose Cinema in Brooklyn is celebrating all our favorite Sesame Street moments of the last 40 years with this overview on Saturday. Of course, it’s in Brooklyn, so it will be filled with plaid wearing hipster wannabes. Go relive your favorite childhood memories of Big Bird, Snuffy and the rest of the gang while mocking the audience around you.


Go see a panto. Please. Some of us can’t. The rest of the world doesn’t know what it’s missing, and you have no idea what you’ve got. Not going is like being Vanessa Paradis and ignoring your husband. It’s just not fair. Time Out says this is this year’s best, and who am I to question them? It’s not like I get to be in London to find out myself.


The Chicago Christkindlemarket. Of course, this really should be for people in German-speaking Europe, who can go to the real things, drink gluhwein until they can’t see straight, buy some crafts and assault a St Nicholas. But given that I think we have significantly fewer readers in, say, the ballrooms of Vienna or trendy clubs of Berlin than we do in the wheat fields and dive bars of the midwest, we’ll just go ahead and recommend Chicago.

San Francisco

The Lab is organizing a Tetris battle “with live music for your game geek pleasure” and the game projected on the wall of the gallery. Amazing.

Bad Pop Wednesday

September 10, 2008

When bad pop is good: Spin Doctors on Sesame Street.  Enjoy.