December 14, 2009

A Peep store has opened outside of Washington, DC. Now, I know many people find these little marshmallows absolutely disgusting, but my father and aunt used to feed them to me when I was very little and, unfortunately for me, the taste for them stuck with me. I like mine just a bit stale, but I especially like the thought of a 42 inch tall Peep plushie.



Kawaii or Creepers?

August 27, 2008

Um, yeah…That’s a Pomeranian in a kimono.  I mean, to each his own, I guess. had an interesting post on all the new accessories one can now purchase for pooches in Japan.  Jezebel picked up on the story and elaborated.  I’m all for dogs.  I love dogs.  I cannot wait to get my own place that’s large enough for me to get my own dog/reclaim my dog from my parents.  But if I ever dress my dog up in a kimono (I mean, aside from the fact that I can never see myself owning a small dog and hence the kimono would have to be large enough for a small child anyway…), will someone please stage an intervention?  Though I’d totally feed my dog dog-cookies.

The more I look at this picture, the scarier it gets.  I think it’s smiling at me one second and then trying to hypnotize me the next.  Or maybe it’s just pleading because it’s poor little front legs look so uncomfortable…

Vintage Find of the Week

August 5, 2008

Back to the ’50s this week with a great dress at Enokiworld (I love this site and they’re based in St. Louis so I just have things shipped to my parents’ house to make things cheaper for me).  Fun, flirty, feminine, and totally out of my price range (we’re obviously overlooking the fact that I have the shoulders of a linebacker and therefore 15″ from shoulder to shoulder would barely fit one of my shoulders…), this dress is fantastic.  And making me alliterate.