Just to explain

September 19, 2008

So you, our loyal readers, may have noticed our recent laxness in posts.  The reason is that both (yes! both!) your fine editors are employed right now.  


First of all, don’t panic.  We want to assure you that this won’t last.  Even if we could conceivably hold down full-time jobs, we probably wouldn’t choose to do so.  But moreover, both of us are only temporarily employed.  
We swear to try to keep up with content as much as possible during this difficult period of income-earning.  In the meantime, you can learn all about my awesome job and pitiful income on the Rock the Vote Road Trip ’08 official blog (incidentally written by the dear big brother of yours truly.)  


Keep well, keep reading, and for God’s sake, don’t let yourselves become employed.

Still slackin’

July 26, 2008

Just a reminder that we take weekends off from this baby. It’s not that we don’t want to bring you joy over the weekend, it’s that…well, we’re slackers and think we deserve the break. There’s a reason we’re not parents.

But we’ll be back Monday, we promise. In the meantime, keep e-mailing us your favorite things that we absolutely have to see at overeducatedandunderemployed[at]gmail.com – or leave us a comment.
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