Make it so

April 13, 2010

I like themes.  Today is Star Trek day for me, apparently.  The Q & Data pic reminded me of this lovely clip from Extras with Patrick Stewart.  Engage!



The Next Generation

April 13, 2010

So everyone’s talking about the iPad, blah blah blah.  But want to see something really cool and totally nerdy involving the iPad?  Check out this.  Yeah.  I am so nerdy that this interested me.  I mean, come on!  The future is here!  The iPad is exactly like the console that Data used to tap to get the Enterprise to do cool things like go into warp speed.  And now the guy who played Data is tapping on an iPad!  IT BLOWS MY MIND.

I really should stop letting the entire world know how incredibly geeky I am.


Go Go Gadget Bama

April 7, 2010

So a while ago, New York Magazine did a fairly delightful History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things.   One intrepid blogger took these to show us what, in all fairness, Obama should be looking at: Awesome Things.

– Willa