England Confused, as of late

December 7, 2009

The populace seems to think Top Gear is a reality show.  Really, English?  Really?  You thought that was real life?  You have been watching too much Big Brother (which, by the way, is STAGED).  Go sit in your room and think about what you’ve done to your television programming.

“If you try to ground me I will put you both in a home right now!”

August 18, 2008

Few things give me better reason to move back to the States than the fact that VH1 doesn’t allow foreign IP addresses to access their videos and the Cho Show is about to start on said channel.  I love Margaret Cho.  I find her beautiful and hilarious and pretty damn inspirational.  I want to meet her just so I can say, “you go girl!”.  So, I was very excited when Jezebel posted the supertrailer for the show so I could get some of my Cho fix.

I’m packing my bags and moving back Stateside!  I can’t wait to see more of Mr. & Mrs. Cho – they’re too adorable!

Morning Television Homesickness

July 23, 2008

Some days I get very homesick for the States. Some days I’m visiting my favorite websites and come across something like this and say to myself, “Well, God damn! If you lived in the States you could at least get to see Diane Sawyer be ballsy and stick her feet in a tank of fish instead of watching the crazy chick on GMTV.” Yeah, that’s GMTV as in Good Morning Television. While the Today show and the View might be hosted by some annoying chicks, they’re nowhere near as annoying as the chick who’s on GMTV. Count your blessings, Americans. At least Whoopi’s there to put the annoying blonde in her place.