Bad Pop Tuesday: Health Care Special

I remember once having a conversation with a music snob about pop music.  She was telling me how everyone expected her to be ashamed of her love for, say, Backstreet Boys, or ‘N Sync.  Or, for that matter, any of the other really horrifying (by which I mean awesome) music that makes the cut on Bad Pop Wednesdays.

But, my friend explained to me, she wasn’t in the least ashamed of all that.  She celebrated that.  What was she really, truly, and deeply ashamed of?  Her love for (she whispered so no one would hear) Rob Thomas.

Because bad can be celebrated, but mediocrity so rarely gets its day in the sun.   With that in mind, a musical tribute to this weeks awesome legislation:

And, um, in honor of that executive order:

PS I am totally digging that outfit.  In every unironic way possible.  Why did the 80s ever end?

– Willa

[Edit: Obviously grad school has gone to Willa’s brain.  Don’t be confused.  It is, indeed, only Tuesday.  You didn’t misplace a day in drunken revelry, sadly.  Though, you could try… ~Kaks]


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